Net profit of the horticulturist or the premium which the harvested fruits can fetch in the market, entirely depend upon  Appearance, Colour and Luster. Rangat is a mixture of Bio-Chemicals designed to enhance the Luster, Color, Appearance. Rangat” is a mixture of biochemicals designed to enhance looks and the colour of the fruits.

Excellent results have been obtained on Grapes, Tomato, Mango and Pomegranates, Apple, Banana, Orange, Tomato, Citrus, Beer, Chilies, etc.

Applications Usage

Mix 500 gms of “Rangat” in 200 litres of water (In case of low  volume spray use 50-80 litres ac. Mixing 500 g Rangat) and spray in foliage of vines or crops as fine droplets. For better results tank mix with “Madhulexin”


  • Mix 500 grams Of Rangat in 200 litres of water and spray on foliage of vines or crops as fine droplets