Lower temperatures in winter, coupled with metabolic deficiencies can result into fruits which are less sweet Specific hormones and biochemicals can accelerate the metabolism at harvest.

“Madhulexin” contains Such hormones and biochemicals which increase sugar percentage in fruits reduce the fruit of berry drop improve the colour and lustre of the skin & cause increase in yield Madhulexin spray is particularly useful in Grapes, Mosambi, Pommogranates, Papaya, Mango, Sapota, Figs,  Apple and Tomato.

  • It enhances the conversion of Natural Acid available in plants to sugar in fruits
  • It Contains Hormones and biochemical’s that accelerate metabolism at harvest

Applications Usage:

  1. Lower Temperatures in winter coupled with metabolic deficiencies can result in lesser sweetness in fruits
  2. It improves the sugar percentage in fruits and increases the weight of fruits
  3. Usage: Grapes, Pomogrenate,Tomato


  • Mix 5-8 ml Madhulexin in one litre of water
  • 1- 1.5 litre Madhulexin in 200 litres of water and spray on one acre

Time of application:

  • First Spray: First spray should be given one month before estimated harvesting date. First spray is generally recommended at the beginning of fruit maturing.
  • Second Spray: Second spray is recommended just 15 days before harvesting