• Keeps your plants disease-free
  • An herbal immune booster for plants against diseases.
  • Made of mushroom and leaf extracts blended with essential oils of plants.

Application: As foliar spray or soil drench

Use: Protects plants from fungal, bacterial and nematode diseases

Why WiltProof?

  • A mild formulation useful for regular and frequent use
  • Wards off common pathogens of vegetable and garden plants
  • Enhances plant vigour and provides healthy appearance

How to apply WiltProof? 

  • Dilute the formulation in water` at the rate of 10ml in 1 L of water.
  • 1 L of diluted formulation can be sprayed on 15-20 potted plants or used for drenching plant base.
  • Biweekly application is recommended for ensuring complete health of the plants.
  • If using on infected plants, weekly application is recommended till the infection stops spreading.
  • 50-100L of diluted product will be sufficient per acre for one application, depending on the type of crop.

Crops protected:

Ornamentals, vegetables, fruit crops, medicinal herbs, orchids and fodder crops

Additional advantages:

Imparts better appearance for the  flowers, fruits and plants

Environmental facts:

Eco-friendly, non-toxic, and near organic

Status: Appreciated by large number of vegetable, fruit and orchid growers.